By: khusro

hi there,

i have changed the profession in my iqama in jazawat office and i have given all the documnets they need from me but i cant track the status of my profession change iqama so please help me in this

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By: mohammed

As we know that the technology is growing fast day to day.The Saudi government is also improving its manual work to online.Many expatriates now can access the ministry of interior website ,you don’t have to ask your sponsor again and again.

In many case the expatriates are really unaware of the benefits that has been given to them by Saudi Govrnment.As we have already been through the things required for changing in iqama profession and reasons for rejecting the application of changing in profession of your iqama.


1.First you need to register on the website of MOI ministry of interior,if you are already registered you may continue.

2.You have to login on website of MOI with the username and password by which you registered and CLICK on MY DASHBOARD(here is a picture of it).

By: alim

assalamu alekum there,

i have to change my profession in iqama/muqeem card in saudi arabia.Can anybody tell me what is the process?

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By: arfat

It is very important to change your iqama profession or visa profession for those expatriates who are woking with some other iqama or muqeem and doing some different job.First of all its illegal to do so and secondly the jazawat officer can raid anytime at your company and incase you got caught you will be detained.

If you are going to change MOL KSA your iqama profession you can check the benfited professions first and select what is best for you and matches your work.Benefited in the sense you can invite your family on visit or permanent visa etc.


1.Your higher degree should be get attested at the Saudi Embassy.

2.After that your attested degree should get matched with iqama profession that you are applying in Saudi Arabia.

3.This type of request in change in iqama profession in HRD of your working company need 1000 SR to be deposited for change in your iqama profession.

4. Your request for change of iqama proffesion may be rejected due to at lowed side eg: labor,driver,helper etc.Instead of benefited muqeem list.


1.First if your visa at lower side example(labor,driver,helper etc)

2.If your sponsor or emplee is involve in any traffic violation,that you can check on MOI(ministry of interior)

3.If you don’t have sufficient funds for change of visa /iqama.

4.If the MOL (ministry of labor) did not approve your request.

5.If you are a driver,housemaid,labor,helper etc for home on individual or deomestic visa.

6.If your iqama or muqeem is already expired.

7.If the status of your employee is ruaway in case.

8.If you have already applied prior and waiting for the your iqama .

By: abdul_mannan

Assalamu alekum,

I work in Saudi Arabia from last one year and I lost my iqama when i was in market near my house.

I need a new iqama please tell me what to do 

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By: asrar

The expatriates who lost their iqama (identity card) in Saudi and don’t know what to do after that.Here are some instructions to follow,difficult but yet simple to do.


There is a applicable fee for lost of iqama (muqeem card) for the first time its 1000 SR and second time 2000 SR and third time 3000 SR

According ti the news from Saudi Arabia agencies as (Dated 24-03-2014) you should report within 24 hours to avoid penalty.


You have to make sure that your iqama ot muqeem is lost,check all places nearby and if its not work.Report to your sponsor about the incident.

Then you have to make a written note in Arabic that where and how you lost your iqama.After that submit that note to the police with the help of a person who handles the iqama’s work or your company will arrange someone else.

It’s the responsibility of your kafeel to arrange the Arabic note of your lost iqama report mentioning that how and where you lost your iqama or muqeem card on your company letterhead and it should be signed by chambers of commerce(skip the signature of chambers of commerce if you work in public sector or government companies like Saudi Arabian Airlines,Saudi Aramco in which companies own 50% capital).

If your iqama validity is 1 year you should pay 650 SR.

The specific person from your sponsor should visit to jawazat with Arabic note pad letter and 2 photographs,copy of a lost iqama ,passport copy,payment proof of 1000 SR and 650 SR and jazawat filled form.


Jazawat  also known as General Directorate of Passports (GDP) is the department which is responsible for issue of iqama for expatriates and passports for Saudis. It is one of the agencies of Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia(MOI). All immigration points are also controlled by its personnel.
If everything goes well and smooth,you should be getting your iqama or muqeem on that same day or very next day.

By: asrar


Me a working individual in Saudi,want to apply for permanent visa but I m not aware of the process.Somebody please help me. 

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By: amer_jan

Every individual who is working in Saudi has a desire to bring his family to Saudi Arabia either in a visit or permanent visa.This article will all explain you to do that,though the process is little long and difficult,So you should have patience in it.

First you will be needing some documents for processing permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia.

The documents are as follows,

1.Suitable iqama profession for applying.

2.the degrees cerficate should be attested.

3.Your marriage cerficate should be attested by ministry of foreign affairs,Saudi culture office and Saudi Embassy in your home country.

4.For children Birth Certicate should be attested by ministry of foreign affairs,sauid culture office and Saudi Embassy in your home country.

5.The above documents need to be transalted in Arabic.


1.After attesting of all these documents,Youi have to get it stamped from ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

2.You need to request your sponsor for a letter to jazawat to process your family visa and then attest it from the chambers of commerce of your employers city.

3.You have to take a permanent visa form from your company and fill it in Arabic.Attest it again from your company and chambers of commerce from employers in your city.(If you do not find form,collect that form from isteqdam office)


It is a government office in MOI that handles the permanent visa of expatriates who work in Saudi Arabia.

4.Then you have to book an online appointment in isteqdam through MOI and pay 2000/- SR through SADAD as per family.Its good if you pay online through your personal bank account.

5.Go to the jazawat office,Ask your company to choose a jazawat office which you should go.Submit all the documents which has been mentioned above,including your passport copies,iqama,letter from your employer attested by the chambers of commerce and your family passport copies also. They will give you a yellow slip (visa) from there.

After getting the yellow slip visa you can send that slip to your home.Tell them to hire a specialized agents for this process.You will be having one hijri time for stamping your visa,If the visa got stamped your family should enter in Saudi Arabia within 3 months.


Just take the medical test of your family members and submit it to your HR and apply for iqama for your family members.

By: adil

I am a new expatriate in Saudi Arabia and when I applied for iqama/muqeem card,i got my iqama but unfortunately my name has been printed wrong.Somebody know how to correct it please leave your answer.


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By: danish

After going to Saudi Arabia you will be receiving iqama or muqeem card,its your responsibility to double check the name on your iqama as passport and Arabic pronounce same as English name.

Sometimes for expatriates in Saudi Arabia,their names got incorrect while comparing with passport and English or Arabic.But its not acceptable at all.Your name should be same as compare to the passport or it will create problems for you,whether the names is little different or more.

Banks are not going to accept your money,if you are sending money to your home country and also banks will not allow you to open you account as per the SAMA (Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority) because your iqama card has incorrect name.

You will not be getting any police clearance certificate because your name on iqama is incorrect as your passport.It is very necessary to get the police clearance when your are migrating to European countries.


You have to go to your HR offcer or government relation officer and request them to change your name iqama name as it is printed wrong.

By chance your iqama or muqeem card got incorrect name in English,he can access the website online and you will be getting your iqama card with correct name next day.

If your name got wrong in Arabic then he has to go to the jazawat office and they will be giving your correct iqama with arabic name very next day.


Jazawat  also known as General Directorate of Passports (GDP) is the department which is responsible for issue of iqama for expatriates and passports for Saudis. It is one of the agencies of Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia(MOI). All immigration points are also controlled by its personnel.

By: abdullah

Hi there,

my family went on vacation to our home country and visa got expired.How can i extend it please help me.

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By: alim

You will be needing some documents,if your dependent re-entry visa is expired while your dependent is in home country.You may call it as extension of re-entry of your dependent in Saudi Arabia after its expiry.

Make sure that the iqama of your dependent is not expired.There is a chance of coming into the kingdom of Saudi Arabia if the iqama is still valid.For more please follow the link

Check the expiry of your dependent iqama because it is possible to enter Saudi Arabia within seven months (7) even after your visa is expired.In case the dependent is student it is thirteen months (13)


1.Go to the nearest jazawat or passport office and take a family registration form from there,Fill all the details of your dependent which is in the form.

2.After filling the form you need to go to the Abhshir office which is in the another section of that same jazawat office and then you have to fill an another form with all details of your dependent,including the date of expiry of exit re-entry visa,at the end you will give them to sign and stamp,this is also known as “MALOOMATAN MUQEEM”,once you are done with all this you should attest that from the ministry of interior MOI.

3.You have to get a letter from your sponsor in that they have to request the MOI to attest the documents which you have got from the jazawat office.

4.After this you have to write a letter to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia that you need to extend your dependent’s exit re-entry.You may take a sample of that letter from agent’s near jazawat office or else you should request them to write for you.

5.If the dependent is student,then he/she have to take a letter from there institution stating that they are currently studying or a public notary attestation is also acceptable in Embassy of Saudi Arabia for this certificate.

6.Once you have through the above procedure,then you should attest it from the chambers of commerce (COC) and ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) to all the documents from your employer registered city.

7.After this hire an agent in your home country for proceeding and ask him that is this enough or he need more documents to submit in Saudi Embassy in your home country.

By: ahmed

Asslamu alekum,

can anybody tell me that what are benefits of iqama or muqeem card?

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By: baqi

What is muqeem card?

Iqama or muqeem card is like an identity card for those people,who came to  Saudi Arabia for work.The day you enter in Saudi you have 90 days working visa.Before that your sponsor need to apply for your iqama card.

The iqama card will be valid for 1 year hijri date and it will consist of iqama number,employee name,sponsor name,date of issue,date of expiry from ministry of interior Saudi Arabia.Recently it has been changed from iqama to muqeem card which shows the validity of five years but the reality is its valid only for 1 year year with 5year validity,you need to keep that card for 5year but have to renewal it once a year.


1.It is the only valid identity for an expatriate in Saudi and without it you cant do anything.

2.Without it you cany buy sim card,cant open bank account,cant travel in train.

3.Even you cant barely go out without muqeem card.

4.If you caught roaming without iqama you will be fined 1000 SR for the first time,second time 2000 SR,third time 3000 SR and  will be sent back to your country.


1.It will be temporary work permit residence in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

2.You can bring your family in Saudi Arabia on visit or permanent visa if you are from this profession like,Accountant,Acoount Manager,Account Verifier,Auditor.

3.You can go for UMRAH for anytime in Saudi Arabia.

4.You can roam anywhere in Saudi thorugh trains,buses etc.