By: zahrani

Hi there

I am a working individual in Saudi Arabia and I want to apply online for permanent family visa how can i do that someone any suggestions please go ahead 

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By: mumtaz

Here are some guidelines to tell you that.How you should apply for permanent visa through ministry if interior MOI family visa service application in Saudi Arabia.

1.Your basic salary should be above  4000/- SR if you are applying for permanent visa and you should pay an amount of 2000/-SR for your family visa through your ATM card or internet banking.

2.After the payment of family visa fee,Now you may login to your MOI ABSHIR account then go to the upper side you will see “E-SERVICES”  tab there,click on the  ‘ISTIQDAM’ from the left menu and select “FAMILY VISA SERVICE.”

3.The new page of instructions will be showing there.Please read it carefully before starting and click on the button “NEW FAMILY VISA APPLICATION.”

4.It will redirect you to a page where you can see your details like Name,Iqama Details,Passport Details,Mobile Number,Religion,With your sponsor details.After checking it you have to click on button “APPLY FOR FAMILY VISA.”

5.If the payment for family visa already made.Then application will ask you for your details like Salary,Level of Education,Date of Higher Education Received,Your Major Subjects You Have Studied.

6.You have to give the datails of your family like Full Name (As in Passport),Age,Religion,Passprort Number,Relationship and Por of boarding (where visa will be stamp.)

7.“AGREE TERMS AND CONDITIONS”  check the details in box,then click on the “SUBMIT FAMILY VISA.”


1.Once you have applied for permanent family visa successfully,Take a printout of that application and get signed and stamp by the chamber of commerce (COC) OR you can confirmed it by the employer through the ministry of interior MOI electronic portal and as applicable in the confirmation message.

2.The application should be processed in 30 days from the date of submission or it will get expire,if the application expire,you have to submit new application again.

3.After getting the approval from ISTIQDAM.You will be receiving visa confirmation through SMS.

4.After getting the SMS,You have to login in your MOI account and print the application and send to your family for stamping and further processing.

By: abdullah


I have applied an online application for permanent family visa in saudi with moi,but I don't know how to check the status of my application so please help me to find my visa status 

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By: vingeshwar

Go to the website of MOI and check your Online submitted permanent visa, approved in MOI,wait for the approval in MOFA,check the status,once Enjaz verify it,Take a print of visa and send it to your family for stamping.

Login to your MOI Abshir account and click on “E-SERVICES” there and on the left side you will see ‘ISTIQDAM’ click on that,Then you will find FAMILY VISA SERVICES.There will two options ,



You need to click on “VIEW AND PRINT SUBMITTED APPLICATION” and it will open a new page on that you will find current status of your online submitted family visa application.

If you are able to see status of your “SUBMITTED APPLICATION” but the visa number has not been issued yet,That means it is not yet approved by the MOI or you did not visited the chambers of commerce (COC).

But you already got SMS from the ministry of interior about your permanent family visa,Then you can see your application as “APPROVED”,That will include the visa number,reference number.You will find all the details like sponsor,applicant details in an ‘OPEN LINK’ which is beside the “REFERENCE NUMBER” and below “ACTION”.

After the ’APPROVAL’ from MOI next step MOFA approval.


After getting the approval from MOI you need to wait for the approval of your permanent family visa from MOFA (ministry if foreign affairs),it will probably take 3 to 4 days.

After waiting for it, then you should go to “MOFA WEBSITE”, ,select the language English there and again select query then “VISA ISSUED FROM MOFA ” Enter “VISA NUMBER FROM MOI”,Enter “IQAMA NUMBER” and IMAGE code then submit to “INQUIRE”.

There you will see a message in Arabic.That means you can take print and send permanent family visa to your family for visa stamping.



Type your visa number,visa issuing authority,sponsor ID

By: fawad

Hello everybody,

I m an expatriate in Saudi working since 2years,now I want to bring my family to Saudi.Unfortunately I don't know how to make online appointment please tell me.

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By: konain

The expatriates who wants to apply for permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia should book an prior online appointment with ‘ISTIQDAM’ in ’JAZAWAT’ through ministry of interior MOI website.


1.The form of “ISTIQDAM” have to be signed and attested by the company and chambers of commerce (COC).

2.Salary letter by company in Arabic,that should be attested by employer and chambers of commerce(COC).It should be including details like your House allowances,Transportation,Basic Salary etc.


*Appointmnets in the Istiqdam office are updated every Sunday between 7.30 AM to 8.00 AM for the next following week.For booking an appointment in Istiqdam you should have an account with it.Once you got it please follow these steps.

1.Login to your ministry of interior with Abshir account,go to the ‘E-SERVICES’ on the upper side of the tab and select “ISTIQDAM” from the left menu.

2.After selecting ‘’ISTIQDAM’ it will show 2 options there that is ‘BOOK AN APPOINTMENT’ and  ‘PROCEED TO SERVICE’ you have to select 2nd option.

3.That will allow you to choose these options ‘Book An Appointment’, ’Update An Appointment’, ‘Print An Appointment’, and ‘Cancel An Appointment’.

4.Then choose ‘Book An Appointment’ and it will open a new page that shows you “Apply Recruiting Resident Family” permanent family visa appointment,select your ’Region’ and click the ‘Next Button’.

5.You can see available appointments in your selected region ,you should “Select” and book your appointment.

6.It will show what are the required documents,confirm your appointment there and take a print out of that,including your required documents while you go to Istiqdam office.

By: alim

assalamu alekum,

i want to apply for a permanent visa in kingdom of saudi but i dont have an idea about the online payment so please tell me how to do it

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By: hamza

The working individual who are applying for permanent visa in Saudi Arabia will have to pay on their iqama to the MOI some money.This payment can be done through SADAD ATM or you personal banking.The fee should be paid if your all documents are ready and your profession is eligible.


1.Open the official website of ALBILAD bank and login into your net banking,enter your username and password as shown in picture.

2.Once you have logged in successfully,Click on the SADAD payments on the left side and then it will show some options “MOI SERVICES”.In that you will find all the governments services,But you have to select the “LABOR IMPORTANTION”.

3.After opening “LABOR IMPORTATION” you will see service option of “FAMILY VISA” and you have to click on that.Again it will ask you to enter your “SPONSOR ID” and “NUMBER OF VISA’S”.Provide you iqama number as SPONSOR ID as you are the sponsor of your family.It will ask you for NUMBER OF VISA’S and Enter 1 in NUMBER OF VISA’S.That’s mean that your wife and children one visa.

4.After all this click on the get fees and 2000/- SR will be deducted from your account.You should go to the MOI account,There  you will find the funds in your iqama or muqeem card.

By: alim

Assalamualaikum wrb,

My car registration/Istemara is about to expire, How to renew the Istemara/vehicle(car) registration using absher/moi online? please explain, anyone.

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By: danish

Before renewing the Istemara/vehicle(car) registration pay the renewal fee. You can find the details of how to pay online here.

Follow these steps to renew Istemara/Vehicle(car) registration on MOI/absher:

  1. Visit MOI and click on 'more details' in 'Vehicles' section

  1. click on 'Renew vehicle registration' as shown below

  1. you will get to the confirmation page as shown below:

  1. After confirming you will get the below page with message "Your vehicle registration has been successfully renewed". Carry a print copy of this while going to the Traffic police station to collect renewed registration.

  1. Then Go the traffic police station(Marror) and give your old registration to the person, he will print renewed registration and give it to you.

important notes:

  • You should go to the Morror(Traffic police station) within 7 days to avoid penalty of 100SAR.
  • Other things that Morror can ask to give you your renewed vehicle(car) registration are:
  • your Iqama,

By: alim

Assalamualaikum wrb,

My car registration/Istemara is about to expire, how to pay the renewal fee online before renewing Istemara/vehicle registration? If anybody knows the process, please explain.

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By: danish

  1. Go the Riyad bank and click on 'Government services'

  1. Click on "Motor Vehicles Fees" as shown below

  1. Then on 'Pay'

  1. Then click on "Renew Vehicle Registration"

  1. Then enter your Iqama id and vehicle sequence number(This number can be found on your Istemara(vehicle registration as shown in the last image below))

  1. And do the payment confirmation. After confirming the payment, the option to renew vehicle(car) registration/Istemara will be active in moi/absher.

important note: 
  • charges of renewing Istemara/vehicle registration are 150 SAR.
  • If you are renewing after the expiry of Istemara/vehcile registration you will charged 150SAR extra i.e. you will be charged 300 SAR. To avoid the penalty renew the Istemara/vehicle registration before expiry.
  • Your insurance should be valid to renew your Istemara/vehicle registration.

By: zakir

Hey everyone 

I'm a working expatriate in Saudi since 9 months,so I want to bring my family in Saudi,but I need to know that whether my visa is eligible for permanent family visa or not. 

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By: vingeshwar



2.Account Manager

3.Account Verifier


Administration :

1.Adminstration Coordinator

2.Adminstrative Manger

3.Administrative Researcher


1.Air Hostess

2.Air Navigator

3.Air controller

4.Air Transport Manager

5.Aircraft Landing Controller

6.Aircraft Maintenance Technician

7.Aircraft Takeoff Controller


9.Assistant Pilot

10.Flight Technician


1.Aquatic Specialist


1.Archelogical Researcher

2.Archelogical Prospector

3.Archelogical Director

4.Archetectural Draftsman


1.Army Officer











1.Assistant General Manager

2.Assistant Engeneering (All Specialisation)

3.Assistant Pharmacist


1.Aviation Guide

2.Aviation Trainer

3.Aviation Technician


1.Bank Manager


3.Bank Official

4.Bank Business Manager


1.Animals Breeding Specialist

2.Birds Breeding Specialist

3.Bees Breeding Specialist

4.Horse Breeding Technician


1.Broadcasting Manager


1.Business Man

2.Business Lady


1.Captain Of Ship




5.Cruise Ship Guide

6.Ship Captain

7.Ship Manitenance Technician

8.Ship Supervisor

Others :

1. Career Counselor

2. Chairman (All types)

3. Executive Director

4. Religious Person

5. Regional Director

6. Consultant (All types)

7. Cooperative Society Manager

8. Control Equipments Technician

9. Decoration Designer

10. Statistics Specialist

11. Radio Transmission Technician

12. Diplomat ( Members of Diplomatic corps)

13. Director

14. Earthquake Expert

15. ECG Technician

16. Economic Analyst

17. Electricity Manager

18. Employees at the Embassies in the GCC countries

19. Engineer (All specializations)

20. Executive Manager

21. Executive Director

22. Executive Secretary

23. Farm Manager

24. Finance Manager

25. Finance Expert

26. Economics Expert

27. Weather Expert

28. Food Controller

29. Foodstuff Technician

30. Gardening Specialist

31. General Professional Trainer

32. Surveyor

33. General Supervisor

34. General Geologist

35. Geology Technician

36. Sociologist

37. Theatre Manager

38. Hotel Manager

39. Well Drilling Technician

40. Road Controller

41. Insurance Manager

42. Investment Manager

43. Investor

44. Jeweler

45. Translator

46. Scientist

47. Instructor

48. Research & Studies Director

49. Zoology Specialist

50. Legal Expert

51. Legal Researcher

52. Library Manager

53. Literator

54. Maintenance Manager

55. Trader

56. Manager (All Specializations)

57. Manager or Director (Government Departments)

58. Microscopic Technician

59. Mining Technician

60. Ministry Undersecretary

61. Museum Manager

62. Nutrition Specialist

63. Operations Analyst

64. Optical Technician

65. Partner

66. Train Maintenance Technician

67. President or Director of a club

68. President or Director of a University

69. Press Photographer 

70. Printing or Publishing Manager

71. Procurement Representative

72. Production Director

73. Professional Security and Safety Technician

74. Speech Specialist

75. Program Designer

76. Program Producer

77. Proofreader

78. Support Services Jobs

79. Quantity Enumerator

80. Quality Controller

Cinema :

1. Cinema Cameraman

2. Cinema Director

3. Cinema or Television Producer

Commercial :

1. Commercial Broker

2. Commercial Manager

IT :

1. Computer Programmer

2. Computer Technician

3. System Analyst

4. Information Systems Expert

Company :

1. Companies

2. Factory Manager

Customs :

1. Customs Clearer

2. Customs Specialist

Correspondent :

1. Newspaper Correspondent

2. Radio Correspondent

Lab :

1. Lab Specialist

2. Lab Technician

3. Laboratory Manager

Land :

1. Land Hostess

2. Land Transport Manager

Marine :

1. Marine Navigator

2. Marine Traffic Controller

3. Marine Transport Manager

4. Maritime Controller

Marketing :

1. Marketing Executive

2. Marketing Manager

3. Marketing Controller

4. Marketing Representative


Media :

1. Media Controller

2. Media Manager

3. Media Person

4. Media Specialist

5. Journalist

Medical :

1. Medical Analysis Specialist

2. Medical Equipment Technician

3. Medical Therapy Specialist

4. Medical X-ray Specialist

5. Pharmaceutical Technician

6. Pharmacist

7. Physician (All Specializations)

8. Physicist

9. Psychiatrist

10. Surgeon (All Specializations)

11. Dental Technician

12. Dental Fixing

13. Nurse (Male or Female)

14. Chemist (All specializations)

15. Hospital Manager

16. General Specialist

17. Veterinary Doctor

18. X-ray Specialist

19. X-ray Technician

Sales :

1. Sales Executive

2. Sales Manager

3. Sales Representative

Sports :

1. Sports Medicine Specialist

2. Sports Representative

3. Sports Trainer

4. Player (All sports in a sports club)

5. Referee (Sports)

Telecom :

1. Telecom Technician

2. Telecom Engineer

Tourism :

1. Tourism Agency Manager

2. Tourist Guide

3. Travel Agent

4. Tourism Agent

Institution :

1. Teacher

2. Manager of Library

3. Institute Manager

4. Secretary of Library

5. University Professor

6. University Student

7. School Manager

8. Special Needs Teacher

9. Lecturer

10. Professor

11. College Dean

TV :

1. TV Cameraman

2. TV Programs Presenter

3. Television Manager

4. TV Transmission Technician

5. TV Correspondent

Court :

1. Chief Justice

2. Head of Prosecution

3. Judge

4. Lawyer

5. Advocate

6. Prosecutor

To find your profession in this list please press Ctrl+F and type your profession.These are all the professions which are eligible for applying for permanent family visa or visit visa in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.