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How to pay exit re-entry Visa fee through Riyad Online banking?

By: abdul_mannan


I want to pay exit re-entry visa fee for myself and for my family . Can anyone explain how to it using Riyad online banking?

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answered 3 months, 3 weeks ago

By: arfat


You need to do the following to pay visa fee through Riyad online banking:

1. Login to the riyadonline portal

2. click on Sadad then on Government Services

3. Then click on "Residents services Fees"

4. Then Select single or multiple re-entry visa

5. Then enter your Iqama ID(or Iqama of person you want the visa issued)

6. Select the duration of the visa

7. Submit

8. Check the if the duration and the cost of visa is correct and confirm

9. After following all these steps successfully you can download the payment receipt, it will be like