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What is the process of applying for US visa from Saudi Arabia?

By: zahrani

Assalamualiakum wrb,

I have to attend a conference in April-2017 in USA. I need to know the whole process to follow to get a business visa (B1/B2) from Saudi Arabia. Anybody who recently received business visa to USA can help me with the process. Your help will be really appreciated.

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answered 4 months ago

By: majid


  1. Step 1:
    • Find out the Visa type that is applicable to you: link.
    • For B1/B2 visa it is 608 SAR(as of 12/24/2016 6:49 PM).
  2. Step 2
    • Fill in the Nonimmigrant Visa Form(DS-160): link
    • After filling the form, you will get confirmation as below:
    • Save this confirmation; you will need it for booking visa interview and also you need to carry it on the day of visa interview to the US embassy.

  3. Booking an appointment for VISA interview:
    • Create a profile on this portal: link
    • Do the VISA payment, there are two options to do the visa payment. 1) Online payment through Samba bank 2) Cash at bank at any Samba bank.
      • If Online Payment method is used, You will be need Order number to book the visa appointment.