By: zakir


I want to call my parents on visit to Saudi Arabia. Can anyone guide me about the process of getting visit visa?

I would really appreciate a detailed explanation. This is a very common process, many expatriates will be benefited In sha Allah.

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By: zoheb


Anybody knows about how to get tourism visa in Khboar. I am an expatriate and new in Saudi arabia. any information would help.

thank you.

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By: sadeq

I once went to Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia on a holiday. I got my tourism visa from Fursan travel and tourism. There contact details are:

  • Fursan travel and tourisim
  • Phone: 03 8991908
  • In khobar shumaliya king fahd street: map

By: daniyal


I am an Indian and I will be going on exit from KSA after four months. What are the formalities (mandatory and recommended) I should complete to avoid future hassles.  

Some of the things that my friends suggested are:

  • Take police clearance certificate
  • Make sure all the services on your name are terminated, etc...

A list of comprehensive actions (mandatory and recommended) will be very helpful to me and also to the follow expatriates, who will sooner or later leave Saudi Arabia.



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By: zakir

How to check Saudi Arabian(KSA) visa expiry date?

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By: ash_admin


Please follow one of the following methods to obtain the Visa Expiry Date:

Method 1:

1. Click the link :!ut/p/z1/04_iUlDgAgP9CCATyEEmKOboR-UllmWmJ5Zk5ucl5uhH6EdGmcWbOgc4e1r4Ghu6B4SaGxi5mZt4OZt5W7gbmOh76UfhVxCcmqdfkB2oCACtnI3_/

2. Enter the mandatory fields. (for sponsor id field, you can check the visa stamped (in India) on your passport when joining the job)

3.Once you click 'View', you will get the required Info.

Method 2:

1. Click

2. Enter 'First Value' , 'Second Value' ( you can select the field from the drop down list) and your nationality.

3. Click 'check' to see the required data.


By: muqtar

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By: ash_admin


Thank you for posting the question.

To check your Iqama Expiry Date, please follow the below written steps:

1. Go to Ministry of Interior's website:

2. Select your desired language ; the website is originally in Arabic Language, the other option you     have is English, which can be selected from the top left corner of the website (you will find     English written there, just click it, the website will appear in English)

3. On the main page, you will find different tab names (eg: MOI Diwan, Passports,Traffic etc. etc.).     Go to 'Passports' tab and click More, which will list all the options available under 'Passports'.

4. Out of the list of Options, Select 'Query Iqama Expiry Service'. The following page will appear :


5. Fill out your Iqama Number and the visible Image Code (You can use the refresh button beside     the image to get a new one, if the asked image is not clear) and press enter. You will get Your     Iqama Expiry Date :) :) :).

Hope this helps.


By: hasan


I am new in KSA. I am going on vacation with my family, but I don't know how to apply for exit/re-enty visa my family. 

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By: zoheb


1. Pay the visa fee through Riyad online or by other means. Here is a very good explanation of 'How to pay re-entry visa fee with riyad online?'

2.After paying the visa fee, login to the Absher MOI website and follow the steps:

3. click on 'more' on passport section

4. click on 'Dependent services'

5. The following dependent services are offered here

  1.         - Issuing Final Exit Visa:
  2.         - Final Exit Visa cancelation
  3.         - Issuing Exit Re-Entry Visa
  4.         - Exit Re-Entry Visa cancelation

6. click next

7. you will see details of your dependents, click on 'More details'

8. click on 'Issue Visa'. 'Issue Visa' will generate the visa only after the Visa payment - which is done against the iqama number. 

9. Read and accept terms and conditions

10. Enter the duration of the visa

11. And confirm

12. Your visa will look like:

By: vingeshwar


My wife and children are on vacation. For some reason, I have to extend their re-entry visa. Please help with the issue.

thanks alot sir,

Vigneshwar Choudry.

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By: adil


I have collected all the required document to get visa for my family. Can anybody guide me to the process of booking appointment in Istiqdam?

thanks alot,


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By: asrar

I am an engineer by profession and eligible to call my wife and family to live with me in Saudi Arabia. Please tell me about the process to apply for permanent residence visa for my wife and children?

Jazakalla khair.

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By: arfat


Can any tell me about or share link about the list of professions that are eligible to get family visa in Saudi Arabia?

My brother is in the process of coming to KSA, I want to make sure that he gets Iqama with family status; I don't want rely on the words of employer. 

Thanks in advance,


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By: khusro

I am on vacation and someone in my family died. I want to extend my re-entry visa. Anyone please tell me about the process of extending re-entry visa?

I know the rules of extending the re-entry visa is changed.

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By: kashan7

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By: konain

Details of how to register in MOI are very well explained with screenshots here. It made it easy for me.