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I am new in KSA. I am going on vacation with my family, but I don't know how to apply for exit/re-enty visa my family. 

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By: zoheb


1. Pay the visa fee through Riyad online or by other means. Here is a very good explanation of 'How to pay re-entry visa fee with riyad online?'

2.After paying the visa fee, login to the Absher MOI website and follow the steps:

3. click on 'more' on passport section

4. click on 'Dependent services'

5. The following dependent services are offered here

  1.         - Issuing Final Exit Visa:
  2.         - Final Exit Visa cancelation
  3.         - Issuing Exit Re-Entry Visa
  4.         - Exit Re-Entry Visa cancelation

6. click next

7. you will see details of your dependents, click on 'More details'

8. click on 'Issue Visa'. 'Issue Visa' will generate the visa only after the Visa payment - which is done against the iqama number. 

9. Read and accept terms and conditions

10. Enter the duration of the visa

11. And confirm

12. Your visa will look like: