By: asrar

I am travelling to India from Saudi Arabia by Saudi airlines. Can anyone tell me about the allowed baggage weight and dimensions and how much Zam Zam I can carry?

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By: adil


For international flights of Saudi Airlines two bags of 23 KG each are allowed for the Guest class:

For the other classes allowed baggage limit is more than 23KG (2 bags of 23 KG each), you can see in the picture above.


Sum of length, width and depth should not exceed 62 inches = 158 cm = 5.2 feet. In other words length+width+depth<=62 inches.

Zam Zam:

  • Passengers travelling from Jeddah(King Abdulaziz International Airport) or from Madina (Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Airport) can carry 1 gallon(3.78 liters) of Zamzam water that doesn't exceed 5 liters for free.
  • For other passengers(domestic and international) can carry 1 gallon(3.78 liters) as part of their allowed baggage. If it exceeds more than 1 gallon excess baggage rates are applied. In other words 1 gallon of Zamzam will be considered as part of your baggage, it is not free. For more than 1 gallon excess baggage charges will be applied even though if your baggage weight does not exceed allowed limits.

For more details you can read link